The meeting is taking place in Barcelona in October 2016, with two responsibles of each partnership organization.

Our intention with this project is to achieve a multiplier effect and to decide on the curriculum by consensus of all partners in order to continue with the same guidelines. Also to be able to evaluate and value later the implementation with the same criteria. Within the meeting there, the responsibles of each country will also be enabled to do the “Geneva Emotional Recognition Test” to conduct the test with their participants and to be able to analyze the scientific results and to see the possible improvement in the participant’s competences during the process of the training.


In November 2016, Oldenburg is the place for training a group of youth leaders of each organization.

Five people from Bulgary, five from Germany and another five from Spain meet for one week to develop the curricula agreed in the previous meeting. Each day working through process drama, emotional linked dynamics, reflecting and discussing video presentation and mindfulness exercises the group will develop the ability to use emotions in their daily educative work and to multiply the learnt methodologies.


Through those activities the project aims are to transfer the emotional competences from the youth leaders to the youngsters in their communities.

With this part of the project we want to involve the third parties around our organizations that could also profit from the project and the strategic partnership.

To know more about us and our project, or if you wish to take part in the activities, check our Facebook page or contact us.
We will use the following activities:
  • WORKSHOPS FOR YOUNGSTERS, youth workers,
    leaders, parents, school staff, etc


After these months of this learning process and also of conducting the research, there will be the final transnational meeting with the original core group.

In this meeting, we will collect the experiences of each organization in each country and the results of the GERT tests. So that the increasing capacity of the understanding, perceiving and organizing emotions and the emotions in their groups can be identified. With the conclusions of the research and of our experiences, a formal proposition for the Erasmus+ responsibles for the Youth Pass will be developed. The formal proposition will represent the impact of our strategic partnership addressing to the emotional competence among the key competences of this certificate.