It’s a project created by 3 organizations from the field of non formal education. They come from Spain, Bulgaria and Germany.


It appears from the awareness of the need of an emotional education for our young people in Europe.


The organizations apply emotional education activities with the children they work with for a period of 2 years.


Each organization uses different methodologies, programs and structures in their local projects.

This project is designed as a process, in which we exchange our specific experiences and methodologies in the field of emotional education and non formal education.


On this basis we create a specific methodology and we train our youth workers with it.

Afterwards they can promote emotional education by applying those activities with the youngsters they work with.


A scientific research supported by the “CENTRE INTERFACULTAIRE EN SCIENCES AFFECTIVES” of the Université de Genève will be conducted to investigate the effects of the European Emotional Education through a test.

The children involved in the project will fill in this test at different moments throught the 2 and a half years to show the evolution

Geneve affective-white

We will propose to the European Commission to add the Emotional Competence among the Key Competences of the Certificate of Non Formal Experiences “Youth Pass”, that is being used in every Erasmus + project.

Our main objective is to create this process from which we will proof the importance of emotional intelligence for young people. With our experiences and the results of the scientific research.
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  • Malaga, SpainFebruary 2015

    Contact Making Seminar for Strategic Partnerships. Organized by Spanish National Agency.
  • Pamplona, SpainNovember 2015

    “Emotionally Competent”. Seminar for exchanging methodologies in the field of emotional education in non formal education.
  • Barcelona, SpainOctober 2016

    International Meeting for “European Emotional Education” Strategic Partnership. Discuss and create curricula.
  • Oldenburg, GermanyNovember 2016

    Seminar for youth leaders of the partnership’s countries.
  • Each countryNovember 2016 - December 2017

    Implementation activities in each country
  • Sofia, BulgaryJanuary 2018

    International Meeting of the Strategic Partnership’s groups for collecting experiences and conclusions
  • Each countryJanuary - May 2018

    Writing the final report and conclusions analysis
  • Each countryMay 2018

    Multiplier event with proposition for the National Agency
  • Each countryJune 2018

    Evaluation, conclusions, closing and next steps of the project